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Here’s the Next 10-Bagger I’ll Panic Sell for a 3% Loss

This new company I’m looking at seems really promising. Could be a 10-bagger over the next three years, and a 100-bagger over the next ten. Sales are growing rapidly, as are profits. Here’s why I’m super bullish but will panic and sell for a 3% loss ten minutes after investing.

This company has everything you look for in a small cap stock: huge addressable market, a wide “moat”, great products, and steady sales growth. Better yet, you can still get in at a reasonable multiple.

That’s why I am planning for the long-term and will be in this stock for years; unless it suddenly drops moments after I invest. If that’s the case, I will quickly sell and throw away all my notes from the 50 hours of research I did.

10 years from now, you’ll want to look back and feel good that you bought into such a great company early. While you’re doing that, I will look back and not even remember the company name or the ticker symbol because I’ll likely only have owned the stock for three minutes.