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HODL King: This Guy Forgot His Bitcoin Seed Phrase, Lost Access to Hundreds of Millions of Dollars, Services Are Next Week, Please Send Donations to Family In USD (ABSOLUTELY NO CRYPTO)

Mark Jeremy is an absolute legend among his friends. Jokingly Known as the HODL king, Mark traded a used Macbook Pro for 7000 bitcoin in early 2011 through a Craigslist deal while incredibly stoned. He watched the price climb enough to the point where he wanted to cash out but realized he had no clue how to access them and he couldn’t get a hold of the guy who traded him them. It’s this and other funny stories that his friends have been reminiscing about leading up to his funeral next week.

“It’s honestly just classic Mark,” says bereaved best friend Tommy Unitsky. “The guy managed to HODL from inception of Bitcoin through the massive peak and then subsequent crash. This most recent ramp his net worth got to over $250 million which I guess was too much to take. He’ll really be missed.”

It’s unclear where exactly the Bitcoin are or what recourse Jeremy might have had to retrieve then but by all accounts he tried everything. We asked his family for comment and his mother was kind enough to get back to us providing a word of warning.

“Whatever you do,” said a teary eyed Mrs. Jeremy. “If you ever find someone wanting to trade you a large sum of crypto currency that will potentially worth a life-changing fortune in the future, for the love of all things holy write down the password thing.”

His family is asking for cash donations to cover funeral expenses and kindly asks that no crypto be donated as it’s just too difficult for the family to process.