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Homeless Man Receiving Lecture Really Wishes He Hadn’t Asked Gary Vee For Change

Earlier today, a scene erupted on the streets of New York after a homeless man asked entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk for spare change, setting him off on a 45 minute motivational speech about struggling to earn that money instead.

Vaynerchuk, known online as Gary Vee, is the CEO of communications company VaynerX and a popular source for online content concerning business topics. Vee never misses an opportunity for a lesson, so when asked for a handout he launched into a completely improvised lecture on networking and being humble.

After being laid off and evicted, the last thing this New York resident wanted was mentorship from a wine and tech businessman on how to start his own business. But Gary Vee, never one to let a man go uneducated on the importance of humility in venture capital, was not deterred by the man’s plees to leave him alone.

“If I was in your place right now I wouldn’t be begging, okay?” Vaynerchuk accosted, “I’d be out there, ripping teeth and hair out, to get an opportunity to work and learn from a successful entrepreneur.”

The altercation ended when Vee received a text, claiming he would be back later to, “continue their talk.”