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How Jeff Bezos Doubled His Net Worth During the COVID Pandemic By Not Eating Out As Much

MEDINA, WA – Despite the market downturn due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth has risen to over $202 billion dollars, a staggering $68 billion growth since 2019.

Now the ultra-wealthy founder has revealed how he was not only able to weather the economic collapse but thrive in it. “I knew this whole lockdown was going to be rough on my personal budget, so I decided to make some adjustments like cooking at home more and not eating out as much. It must have worked because now I’m the richest man in the world. Crazy, right?”

In a post on his personal cooking blog, Bezos explains how he was initially worried when the first national outbreaks were reported. “No one knew what was going on! I stocked up on as many toilet paper companies as I could find!” Bezos explained.

Fortunately, he was able to convince his company to let him work remotely, but he was still worried that he could be furloughed at any moment. That’s when he came across the idea of eating out less and cooking for himself more. “I usually have my meals flown in but I knew that I should figure out a way to stretch my meal budget,” he states.

Soon he joined the millions of other people being forced to look into their kitchen. “I just bought a big bag of rice and some proteins that I could easily make at the beginning of the week, and that allowed me to meal prep. Besides being a healthier option I ended up with an extra 70 billion in stock options, who knew I was spending that much on Postmates?!” he explained, providing further financial tips.

“Look at what you’re spending money on, and see if there are some more cost-effective alternatives. Instead of going out to the movies, how about taking a walk, or instead of being carried by your own private drone armada, take public transportation instead, you’ll be surprised how much you save!”

People must have taken Bezos’ frugal message to heart since the outbreak started with the nation’s top billionaires seeing their net worth rise by over $875 billion.