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How to Hire CEOs Who Will Accept the Title and Salary of an Executive Assistant

Are you a busy CEO looking to outsource your entire job to an executive assistant making a tenth of your salary? If yes, then you’re in luck.

Here are my top tips for hiring a CEO-caliber employee who will accept the title and salary of an executive assistant.

Make your own job seem impossible

When interviewing candidates for this role, make sure that they know your job is impossibly hard. They should know that you work 21 hours a day and walk 35 miles in the rain just to get a new client. Make sure your new EA knows they could never, ever do your job. They’d collapse from the ever-compounding stress. This will make your EA grateful to have their easy job.

Give your EA a fancy-sounding title that doesn’t mean anything

Having trouble attracting the right type of candidate? You could always try changing the title from executive assistant to something important sounding like Chief of Staff or Organization Czar.

Is your eight-person startup a military organization? Definitely not, but using one of these enhanced titles should allow you to pay some 25-year old sucker about 20% less than you would otherwise.

Tell your Twitter followers you had an EA that was headhunted by Netflix for their COO role

Unfortunately, your last EA was just scooped up by Netflix to become their COO. The good news is that one of your lucky Twitter followers can now take the same role – maybe they’ll be headed for the Netflix c-suite next? The sky is the limit!