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I Bought Amazon at $7. My Next Prediction? My Wife Is Leaving Me and The Prenup Will Not Hold Up

You may have read about me in the Motley Fool or Fortune as the legendary investor who bought Amazon at $7 in 1998. While that investment wasn’t my last great idea, it definitely was my best so far.

But I may just have a bolder prediction to share with you today: My wife is leaving me and the prenup will not hold up.

My Amazon position has returned 47,285% in total as of today. That’s a 32.3% annualized return over 22 years. This return would be hard to replicate for even the most experienced portfolio manager.

Similarly, the carnage of my marriage would be hard to replicate. My wife absolutely hates me, and has been spending many evenings attending three-hour chiropractic appointments. Of greater concern is my prenup: it’s as shaky as my Amazon position was in 2000 when it lost 90% of its value.

Still, I held strong with my Amazon stock, but my wife won’t do the same with our marriage. My $32,522,299 position in Amazon will likely belong to my wife and her new boyfriend in a few months. Hopefully, I can find a new 500x position and financially recover from this debacle.