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I Invested in Bitcoin in 2015 And Now it’s My Entire Personality

The best part about license plates is that they have 7 characters which is the perfect amount of characters because that is how many characters are in the word “bitcoin”, which is coincidentally the word on my license plate. Speaking of Bitcoin, did I mention that I invested in bitcoin in 2015? It was less than 300 dollars when I bought it. (And one bitcoin today is worth almost $11,000) So yes, I guess you could say I’ve done pretty well for myself.

Before bitcoin, my hobbies used to be mountain biking, Herbalife, and watching baseball with my dad, but ever since I discovered bitcoin in 2015, I’ve been spending most of my time looking at my bitcoin balance on coinbase and watching youtube videos about bitcoin price predictions. If I have any extra time after doing those two things, I’ll sometimes go on Twitter and call every other cryptocurrency a scam and/or pyramid scheme (Which they are, obviously).

I often worry that strangers will not know that I am the kind of guy who owns bitcoins, (Even though I have “bitcoin” written on my license plate!) But to avoid any mix ups, I like to wear a bitcoin hat or bitcoin t-shirt wherever I go. Also every username I have online has ‘HODL’ in it just to be safe. I swear that bitcoin hat has probably bailed me out of so many uncomfortable conversations with people who would’ve otherwise mistaken me for someone who doesn’t own any bitcoins. It’s great because if they see me and are wondering whether or not I own bitcoin, but then they see the bitcoin hat, I can answer their question without even talking to them.

Bitcoin has really helped me see the truth in people. Take my dad for example. We used to love spending time watching baseball but now that I have bitcoins (and he doesn’t even though I told him to buy some) I can finally see that he is a coward and is just afraid of making money. So naturally I cut him out of my life because bitcoin is for winners…And I am winning.