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I Tried to Make 1% a Day for a Year: So Far, I am Down 50%

Back in April of 2020, I got really interested in day trading. It looked like making money was easy. Every stock trading guru I followed was up 50% on their call options every single day. I couldn’t wait to get a piece of the action myself.

After painstakingly saving up $100 over several months by making my own coffee from my neighbor’s discarded coffee grounds, I was finally ready to begin my own trading journey. I set an ambitious goal: Return 1% per day for an entire year. After 12 months, if I stuck to the plan, I would have over $1,200 in my account.

Most hedge funds aim to return 15% to 20% per year. I’m a little more ambitious than the average person, so I figured I would shoot a bit higher. Hundreds of stocks go up 1% or more each day, so it shouldn’t be too hard to just pick one winner each day.

Just three days into my journey, I am eager to report my results: So far, I am down over 50%.

My $100 in capital has shrunk to $48.97. But all great investors have had their setbacks, and this is mine.

From now on, I am increasing my goal to 5% per day. It’s time to stop being so conservative. Instead of buying stock, I am going to pick out one call option each day that has a great chance of going up 5% or more. Since call options are so volatile, I’ll probably end up with way more than 5% on most days.

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