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Idiot: This Guy Ate $3.00 Canned Soup Last Year And Now It’s Worth $4.50

An absolute rookie ate a $3.00 can of Campbell’s Chunky last year, and now it’s worth $4.50

What a chump! This guy missed out on 50% ROI just because he was hungry? Well, apparently he wasn’t hungry enough. Real hunger is stocking up on food, never eating, and making a profit by price gouging baked beans during the apocalypse. Don’t eat bread, make it.

Maybe he doesn’t understand arbitrage? If he waited an entire year, he could have earned enough money to buy a gallon of milk, just as long as the price of milk hasn’t changed either. But I guess not everyone can play the market like me and Soros.

I can’t imagine being this guy. If I were him, I’d be trying to regurgitate and re-can the soup. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Consider it patented.