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In Person Embezzlement Ranks as #1 Thing Missed From Working In Office

COVID-19 has redefined the modern workplace. Working remotely affects everyone in different ways and Hard Money wanted to learn how. We recently sent a survey to our newsletter subscribers and discovered that more than 80% of people enjoy working remotely, but that the majority miss certain financial opportunities of working in office.

“I can fix numbers anytime, but there’s little thrill in lying face-to-face on video chat.”
Allen Stevenson – Jr. Portfolio Manager

“Working from my kitchen the first 4-5 months wasn’t bad, but then I realized the little things I was missing. Now the IRS wants to audit $20,000 I claimed for commuting to the office last year. I don’t even own a car!”  Manuel Aguilera – Retail Consultant

“It’s awkward to expense client lunches when your client never agrees to meet.”  Emily Conner – Account Manager

“I definitely miss being mentored by the senior partners and watching how they could read a room. But I can never replace stealing a pound of the good coffee beans from the kitchen every week to take home.” Greg Locastro – Intern

“Betraying upper management’s trust isn’t nearly as rewarding when you can’t drop a fresh print of the cooked books right on their desk. Now they want the actual file!”  Bret Everson – Financial Advisor

“Sure it’s easier to lie on my timesheets, but I can’t pretend that I stayed at the office all night grinding out a report when I was really just too hammered to drive home and slept under my desk.”  Christian Powers Jr. – Founder’s Grandson

“I never actually had a private office, but I convinced my husband and kids that I did for almost two years. I’m so glad we’re ‘saving $1,500’ a month and I don’t get to play DraftKings anymore.” Melissa Cook – Freelance Consultant