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Industry Insiders Speculate on Possible Spike in Spirit Halloween Value This Month

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Popular October outlet Spirit Halloween has been given a high rating by several market analysts who believe it will likely show profit this month.

“After careful consideration of market trends and micro-analysis, though I can’t say with complete certainty, I do believe Spirit Halloween will see far greater profits in October than the rest of the year,” stated financial commentator Sam Stern. “I also predict a steep drop-off in profit in November and into the winter months, though as always, despite basing these predictions on countless hours of strenuous research and investigation, it is still just merely speculation.”

Though most agreed, there were a few analysts still uncertain about the prognosis.

“I don’t know, I don’t see any reason for a boom in business at Spirit Halloween in October, unless there’s some unannounced event I’m not aware of,” stated oft contrarian finance expert Marcus Ballard as he bought up extra call options in Blackberry ‘just in case’ as he put it. “Perhaps I’m missing something, but I think only time will tell if people actually want to buy Halloween costumes in October.”

The CEO of parent company Spencer Spirit Holdings, Steven Silverstein has stated he looks forward to the annual growth in valuation.

“The analysts always give the Spirit concept a terrible rating all year until around September, as if it’s some surprise we have an uptick in business,” Silverstein commented while dragging a stack of Spirit Halloween banners to his car for installation throughout the day. “Those analysts are the types of people that would give the kids bad investment advice instead of candy. They’re more annoying than my clientele, and that’s saying A LOT.”

At press time, Silverstein was seen duct-taping Spirit Halloween banners over the old headquarters of Stern’s and Ballard’s finance firms, as they have now gone out of business, their offices transformed into storefronts for the very company they spoke about.