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Insiders Selling Robinhood Shares? Here’s How I Traded My AOL Shares As CEO

Robinhood insiders are gearing up to sell their shares by the bucket load. As a seasoned inside seller, I wanted to offer some of my proven strategies for effectively dumping shares on retail traders.

When I ran AOL, I spent at least six hours of my working day watching our stock chart’s one minute candles. That left me about 30 minutes to respond to emails and return a phone call or two before getting in my limo and beating traffic home.

Based on my experience, the most responsible, level-headed advice I can give is this: Sell all of that shit right now! Dump it on retail and don’t look back.

With today’s technology, you can dump your shares in much less time. Instead of waiting for the 20 second load times on each Yahoo! Finance page refresh and having to call a broker to execute each trade, you can sell instantly on your brokerage app (note: I recommend not using the Robinhood app for this).

Like I always say: The best time to sell shares is before my new multi-million dollar beach house goes into escrow. The second best time is now.