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Intrigued by Meme, Jerome Powell Trying to Figure out What Sound Money Printer Actually Makes Without Being Too Obvious About It

After seeing a meme on Twitter, Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is surreptitiously trying to find out what sound a money printer actually makes, sources report.

The famous meme, which depicts a Boomer Wojak smiling while uttering the iconic phrase “ha ha money printer go brrrrr”, caught his attention when it was posted in response to a transcript of an NPR interview posted on the Fed’s twitter account.

“I feel like the Chairman of the Federal Reserve should know this kind of thing,” Powell was heard saying to friends recently at his Thursday night bowling league. “I mean… brrr? I could see that. But I feel like the machinery would make a louder noise than that,” he continued. “I’m thinking it’s a whump whump whump whump or something like that.”

Powell also wondered if there could be some clanging as well.

The Chairman has thus far been frustrated in his efforts to determine the actual sound, as public tours of the U.S. mint are currently cancelled due to covid concerns. “I’m not about to ask the other Fed governors, because they leak like a sieve,” he explained. “Bernanke won’t return my phone calls. Obviously I could ask Janet Yellen, since she runs Treasury now, but how embarrassing would that be? I’d never hear the end of it. And every time I ask anonymously online people just start making fun of me and saying ‘OK boomer’, whatever that means. Christ, I wish I’d never skipped the Fed orientation training.”

Sources report that Powell remains optimistic, however, and is currently scrolling through old reviews of the U.S. Mint on trip advisor. “Ol’ Jerry doesn’t give up that easily!” exclaimed Powell to no one in particular.