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Investing in NFTs and 3 Other Reasons Your Children Will Eventually Hate You

Have you invested in NFTs? Non Fungible Tokens are basically unique digital pieces of artwork. If you’ve spent your money on a GIF of a basketball player dunking, your children already despise you.

Besides pretending to invest in something valuable but actually just blowing money on worthless digital files, here are three other reasons your children will eventually hate you.

1) You used their college savings to buy GameStop at $450 and panic sold at $220

Whenever your children think of you, their lasting memory will be of your paper hands ruining their future. After using their college savings to buy GameStop when it was a “sure thing” at $450, you panic sold just hours later for a massive loss. The silver lining here is that you children will never grow up to be “evil suits”, since they won’t be able to afford any business school.

2) Failing to buy Tesla, Bitcoin, or Amazon in 2012 even though you definitely knew about all of them
When your children look back on the history books of the finance world, they’ll see the meteoric rise of Tesla, Amazon, and Bitcoin. And suddenly, their amazement will be overcome with disappointment when they realize that their inept father failed to buy any of them even though he totally knew about all three in 2012.

3) Having only 33 followers on your “King of Options” Twitter account

Long after your wife leaves you for a much better (and more handsome) investor, your kids will likely stumble upon a sticky note with the login to your Twitter account buried deep in the basement storage room. They’ll be horrified and embarrassed to hear that their dad, the self-proclaimed “King of Options”, only had 33 followers and virtually zero engagement.

The cringe will be extremely strong when they realize you followed over 2,000 accounts and constantly replied to Jim Cramer tweets asking if he thinks it’s safe to get back into AT&T.