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Is American Manufacturing Back? The US Has Created 50,000 Worthless Cryptos Last Year Alone

American manufacturing numbers skyrocketed during Q4 of 2020, prompting many to wonder if the US is back on top of the sector. The American Manufacturing PMI (Purchasing Manager’s Index) released new data today indicating that the United States created over 50,000 worthless cryptocurrencies in the US alone.

“This is an historic day for US manufacturing,” says Stefan Wilkes, a college student who created eight of those cryptocurrencies in his free time. “I am proud to contribute to American manufacturing without having to work in a gross factory.”

While the US has lagged behind other countries in manufacturing over the last few decades, the country may have found its new top export: Made up internet money that no one will actually use.

In the past, US factories were based in cities like Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Today, cryptocurrencies are created in places like Stanford dorm rooms, a Starbucks in Santa Monica, and WeWorks that haven’t yet been foreclosed on.

Officials within the US Department of Commerce hope that America can continue to foster an environment where 23-year olds are comfortable enough to keep creating absolutely useless cryptocurrencies.