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Is This Guy The Next Pomp? He Owns $50 Of Bitcoin And Just Started A Podcast So Probably

Madison, WI — Mike Begler is just like a lot of other guys his age. He’s currently unemployed, big into sports gambling and crypto and he just started a podcast that combines all of these hobbies in one jam-packed unstructured hour.

So, what sets his podcast apart from the millions being churned out on a daily basis? Honestly not too much but Mike did buy ‘like $50 worth of Bitcoin’ when it was trading around $16,000 so he feels he’s as close to an expert as it gets.

“A lot of people my age have the mindset where you just wait around for your opportunity and hope it comes. Not me though. I started my podcast specifically because I want to make my own opportunity plus I got a podcast mic from my parents for Hanukkah so it was a real no-brainer. When people talk about synergies this is definitely exactly what they mean,” says Begley from his childhood/current bedroom.

Throughout the interview Begler repeatedly compares himself to Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano ostensibly due to the fact that they both have much of their net worth tied up in Bitcoin and because they both have their own podcast.

“I’d say Pomp is a bit of a role model for me. Mostly because we’re both independently wealthy from crypto and we have burgeoning podcasting careers although I’ll admit his is doing a bit better than mine. But once I get him on my podcast as a guest that blow the doors wide open,” exclaimed Begler.

When asked about the name of his podcast Begler indicated that it’s actually still just in the ‘planning’ phase and he was hopeful his first full episode will be out sometime in the first quarter of 2021 after he ‘figures out how to set up the hosting.”