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ISIS Member Who Spent Last 6 Months Threatening to Kill President of United States Unable to View Suspended @Hardmoneymag Account

Newswires out of the Middle East are reporting that an unnamed member of hit terror organization ISIS is crestfallen over learning that he is no longer able to view Hard Money’s account on Twitter.

“I mostly use Twitter to threaten the life of the President and threaten violence on the citizenry of America. But you can’t be working all the time and I like to enjoy various forms of satire,” said the ISIS member. “But Jack Dorsey is a bro and he has his priorities.”

With the best financial satire on the internet being robbed from him the ISIS member has now had to resort to lower tier satire accounts as well as focusing more on his terror plans.

“To be honest this is probably a good thing. I had been wasting so much time mindlessly scrolling through Twitter instead of focusing on my terrorism and the destruction of America. This will give me more time for the things that matter and for that I’m grateful,” said the ISIS member.

As of this writing Hard Money still doesn’t have their page back while all the active ISIS accounts are forced to read our second tier counterparts.

Keeping checking back directly on this website to keep up to date.