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John W. B. Rich (Wealthy) Joins Hard Money

In a move that will likely shake financial markets, I am excited to announce that I have joined Hard Money full-time. I will be writing breaking financial news and genius stock analysis on a daily basis, which I hope you enjoy.

During my time as AOL’s illustrious and ultra-wealthy CEO, I learned that internet websites can be very powerful tools for disseminating ideas (or pumping penny stocks I hold). 20 years after being forced out of AOL, I have returned to the world wide web to continue my life’s work. I am very glad that the internet turned out to not be a fad.

If you’ve gotten any helpful investment advice from my content on Twitter, I would greatly appreciate you following Hard Money on Twitter and Instagram as well. I will be receiving a $3 million annual salary, so we’ll need all the support we can get to pay our interns $2.50 per hour.

I’ll still be posting from my Twitter account, but I’ll also be spending a lot of time writing for Hard Money. Make sure you’re following both to see all my work. I hope you come along as I begin working with Hard Money’s talented team of writers, who have already created dozens of insightful articles for you to browse on this site.

If you want us to cover a certain topic, please let us know on Twitter @hardmoneymag. Make sure to check back everyday (or every hour if you don’t have much going on) for our latest news and analysis.