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Johnny Depp Loses $10 Million Dollars in One Day on New Show: Trading With The Stars

NEW YORK — Under the guidance of Timothy Sykes, Johnny Depp lost $10 million dollars just 3 minutes after the opening bell this Wednesday. The pair teamed up to compete on ABC’s new series “Trading with the Stars”, a replacement for the hit show “Dancing with the Stars” which was postponed in adherence to coronavirus guidelines.

In “Trading with the Stars”, famous day traders from Youtube team up with celebrities who have actual accomplishments and they’re taught how to lose their hard earned money in mere seconds by trading penny stocks on margin.

In last week’s episode, we got to watch Ross Cameron of Warrior Trading suggest that Mike Tyson take a leveraged short position in HTZ the day before it nearly tripled in value. Looks like Iron Mike really is coming out of retirement.

Depp’s $10 million dollar loss has, however, topped Tyson’s misfortune for the heaviest loss in a single day on the show. And we’re only two weeks in! Who knows what the rest of the season will bring?

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