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Lithium Mining Operation Only Employs Children Without Tragic Backstory

Youthful Mining, LLP, a lithium mining operation based in Chile, announced Thursday that it would only be employing children without a tragic backstory. “We are proud to only employ child laborers that still have both their parents, a stable family life, and good health,” Founder and CEO Robert Tunsdale said.

“We see some of our competitors employing children who tragically lost both parents, or children who have black lung disease from a previous job in a coal mine,” Tunsdale continued from an interview at his estate in Palm Beach, Florida. “It disgusts me that they would take advantage of children in such vulnerable situations.”

Tunsdale emphasized his company’s commitment to allowing employees a work/life balance. “After a 16 hour work day, I want our employees to return to an apartment with at least two bedrooms; not a shed or a cardboard box.

Tunsdale also announced that his company would no longer hire children younger than five years old. “We want kids to enjoy their childhood, but once they get old enough to start attending school, most kids would rather be doing something productive and fun. Working in a mine is the ultimate version of recess. It’s fun you can ask any of them.”