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Little Known Tax Loophole Lets You Avoid Paying Them By Burning Off Fingerprints, Moving To Costa Rica

If your finances are being hurt by burdensome taxes, you need to learn this simple trick that can save you a fortune! An undisclosed tax loophole — already making waves in the financial sector — has quickly become the hottest new way to avoid paying income tax. To beat the IRS, all you have to do is burn off your fingerprints and move to Costa Rica.

That’s it! A small technicality in the fine print of the Internal Revenue Code makes it completely legal to bypass your taxes just as long as you burn down a small business and scatter a couple of your teeth in the rubble. Since the IRS hasn’t had the foresight to impose regulations on people presumed dead (suckers!), you can hop on a cargo ship and head for Costa Rica!

Worry not: this method is completely legal because dead people cannot be arrested or charged! Just make sure to pack some hydrochloric acid so, when you reach Alajuela, you can turn those pesky fingerprints into smooth, unidentifiable nubs. After that, enjoy your financial freedom!

But, you have to act quick. This trick has caught fire with investors everywhere. Debts have been cleared, profits have spiked, and the population of Costa Rica has nearly doubled in just the last month! Act fast before the government goons realize they’ve missed this totally legal loophole!

We hope this article helps you reach your financial goals. It certainly has for us: we’re typing this with our nubs from our tropical mansion in San José!