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Local Man Gets Two Honda Civics for the Price of One in Carvana Vending Machine Mishap, Says First Car Was “Just Stuck Hanging There”

Hackensack, NJ — Area resident Trent Marsh got quite the surprise last Saturday when he found himself the lucky recipient of two used vehicles when a Carvana vending machine malfunctioned.

“I was walking by the machine and all of a sudden I had a craving to buy a car,” he said. “I was kind of feeling like a 2016 Hyundai Elantra but they were all sold out.”

That’s when Gary noticed that not only were there several Honda Civics available, but one of them, a 2014 model, hadn’t fallen off the hook when a previous buyer attempted to purchase it. “It was just stuck hanging there, so I put in the money, pressed B2 and bingo—two Honda Civics,” he said, beaming with new used car pride.

Following the incident, a Carvana repair van showed up to the scene and the vending machine was unplugged and an “out of order” sign placed on it. While not available to comment specifically, Carvana did release a statement over the weekend reminding potential customers not to shake any of their vending machines in an attempt to jostle any cars loose or to reach in to snag one off the hook.

“We take our customers safety and welfare very seriously,” Carvana said. “These machines can tip over if you rock them and we don’t want to be cleaning up any blood. Cars are heavy.”

Trent remains very pleased about his fortuitous car vending machine experience. “I’ll be sure to walk by again when it’s back on,” he said. “There’s a nice red Mazda 3 in the top corner and hey, you never know, right?”