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Man Becomes Macroeconomist After Seeing New Chipotle Prices

In the wake of Chipotle’s decision to raise prices corresponding to rising labor costs, one man has mastered the concepts of macroeconomics and begun to educate the masses.

24-year-old Michael Strauss first took an interest in the study of aggregate economies two weeks ago when the fast-casual restaurant chain Chipotle announced it would be hiking menu prices by 4% to cover the cost of rising wages. The Cleveland-area software salesman was quick to take to Twitter and inform his 34 followers what this means for the United States economy.

“Here it is, folks, inflation happening right before our eyes,” tweeted Strauss, showing he understands the broad ideas of macroeconomics and can illustrate them to laypeople using timely examples. Strauss, however, did not stop with inflation, the following thread tackled numerous prominent macro topics, illustrating the depth of his knowledge.

“These wage increases are going to destroy small businesses,” he said in a scathing commentary on our national GDP and unemployment in America. Strauss also flexed his mastery of international finance and trade with the profound message, “Denmark only has higher wages cause their stuff costs more!”

While critics of his work suggest he does not actually understand the depth of these economic concepts, Strauss cites “numerous studies” throughout the thread which support his claims.

Decorated economists are impressed at Strauss’ ability to grasp such intricate topics so quickly, and many are eager for his next work. The Federal Reserve has released a statement they will be consulting with Strauss on the use of quantitative easing in the future, he is also expected to participate in this year’s G20 Summit.