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Man Knows It’s Not Yet Time to Sell Because He Isn’t in Absolute Panic

Jerry Cone has been glued to his computer for weeks now. With his portfolio of spacs bleeding out on a daily basis and his account value dwindling, Jerry still isn’t selling.

“I like to be in a full blown panic before I can pull the trigger on a sale,” says Cone from his studio apartment. “That means generally selling pretty close to the lows and always taking massive losses. I’m actually a pretty good contrarian indicator it’s just a shame I can’t use it to help myself.”

When asked why he doesn’t sell before the panic attack starts and therefore lose substantially less money, he has this to say. “I’d love to have a crystal ball and know exactly when to sell but all I have are my panic attacks. It really makes me wonder if I’m just better off investing in an etf. I would never do that obviously but makes you wonder.”

We reviewed Jerry’s history and can confirm he has underperformed the index by a staggering 88% over the last 10 years however many of his friends have become rich beyond their wildest dreams using Jerry as a contrarian indicator.