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Man Lives Entire Life By Inaccurate Warren Buffet Quote

Gary, IN — Jon Glover fancies himself a student of financial markets. He’s read everything from Benjamin Graham to Keynes but his absolute favorite is Warren Buffet. Known as the Oracle of Omaha Buffet is to many one the greatest investors of all time.

Buffet is known for many famous quotes but it turns out that he is most certainly not known for “At the end of failure is always success. No matter what”. Glover unwittingly has been following this advice he read in a Yahoo forum in the early 2000’s which explains his poor performance.

“They say most people never outperform the S&P 500 and I most definitely am in that camp. Granted I’m still learning but I feel like if I just keep giving it my all I’ll eventually figure it out,” said a frustrated Glover. “Sure I keep doing the same thing over and over while getting the same results which I’m aware is a different quote. But if what Buffet says is true it shouldn’t be long before I turn this ship around.”

When confronted that this quote wasn’t attributed to Buffet but was rather a popular novelty coffee mug from the 80’s Glover kicked us out of his apartment in a fit of rage.