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Man Looking Forward to Losing Stimulus for Third Time

Heath Manner just received his $1400 stimulus via direct deposit and much like many other Americans/degenerate traders masquerading as gamblers he’s really looking forward to losing it all for the third and hopefully final time.

“When that first stimmy hit my bank account I couldn’t believe my luck,” said an enthusiastic Manner. “I transferred that money straight into my Robinhood account and bought a bunch of put options on the SPY. I was very confident we’d be crashing lower again.”

He was very wrong and watched that first stimulus disappear almost as fast as he received it. But thankfully the government came to the rescue albeit absurdly late with some more free money. And when that hit Manner knew his only move was going long.

“I bought a bunch of out of the money Tesla options and for a few weeks I was sitting pretty having more than doubled my money. But then the market turned and they expired worthless.”

When asked what his plans are for this round he answered almost immediately. “This money I’ll be taking to the casino. Not a figurative one I’m literally going to play roulette and see if I can’t 10x this money.”