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Man Posting Diamond Hands Emoji 32 Times a Day Secretly Sold Dip Months Ago

Carl Cousins has been caught up in the Wallstreetbets meme trade since he started reading about Gamestop and its huge position in early October. Finding it shocking that a company could have such a large short position he made a rather large (for him) purchase and then sold a few weeks later for a 40% gain.

And then the mother of all short squeezes happened and Carl had FOMO worse than he’d ever had before. While he considered buying back in and getting in on the action he unfortunately blew up his entire account with some mis-timed Tesla puts so had to watch from the sidelines. But that didn’t stop him from constantly posting diamond hand memes and emojis several times a day.

“Holding Gamestop kind of became his identity,” said long time friend Meredith Chan. “He would post and talk about it non-stop but he forgot he told me he sold it all in October. It’s all very strange to be ‘diamond hands gang’ on a stock you don’t even own.”

Several other friends also confirmed that Cousins boasted about his huge win in October and chalk this up to just wanting to be part of the fun.

“I’m diamond hands for life,” said Cousins via Zoom. He put up 4 fingers to represent the number 4 as well to further indicate his enthusiasm. “I have diamond hands not paper hands and I’ll be in Gamestop until I die.”

Gamestop shares are back on the move up over 200% since yesterday on news Ryan Cohen tweeted a picture of an ice cream cone.