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Man Really Hoping Tesla Accepts GameStop Shares as Payment Next

Duluth, MN — Local Redditor and massive GameStop bag holder Morgan Fleury has been keenly watching the price of GameStop after buying in at $333 two weeks ago amid the speculative frenzy that some have dubbed the ‘Reddit Rebellion’.

When Robinhood limited trading in his shares the idea crossed his mind that a decentralized asset like Bitcoin would be more attractive however he didn’t want to have ‘paper hands’ so he decided to hold against his better judgement.

Now his shares are appreciably lower and to add insult to his diamond-handed related injury Tesla announced this morning that they are now holding 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and will begin accepting payment with the cryptocurrency as well. Fleury is hoping shares of GameStop will be next.

“GameStop is up over 300% year-to-date while Bitcoin is only up 40%,” said Fleury. “So what’s a better store of money? GameStop shares clearly and it’s only a matter of time before Musk works his meme magic and starts accepting GameStop shares. Then we’ll be off to the races.”

We spoke to a number of analysts who assured us that such a thing is impossible as Tesla would risk eventually owning GameStop which we have been told my several is a terrible business with poor future prospects.

Fleury is undeterred. He mentioned over and over about having diamond hands before our interview was cut short by a margin call from his broker.