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Man Who Bought GME at $450, CCIV at $60, & AMC at $64 Bought CLOV Earlier Today at $27

Joshua, 29 has managed to buy the top of every meme stock in 2021. We recently caught up with Josh to ask him about his performance.

“I really don’t understand how every time I buy a stock, it crashes immediately after,” sighed Josh. “Everyone on r/wallstreetbets kept saying ‘Diamond hands!’ and ‘We like the stock!’ Roaring Kitty hadn’t even sold. I thought the short squeeze still hadn’t happened, and $450 seemed like a safe time to get in. After all, if it went to $1000 I would have doubled my money.”

Now visibly frustrated, the trader continued, “Then all of my friends started talking about the next Tesla! Lucid Motors was merging with CCIV, and the stock was only $60. Tesla is $600! It was literally free money. The day that the deal was announced, CCIV dropped 40%. Why? Why would people sell the next Tesla so cheap?” When asked if he understood what market capitalization meant, Josh quietly shook his head.

“I knew AMC would do well though. I got in at $64 and it ran all the way to $70. Apes together strong, right? Haha. The hedge funds tanked the stock, otherwise it would be $500. It’s unfair that they can manipulate markets like this.”

After CLOV ran up 300% in the last two weeks, Josh finally got the courage to buy it. Sadly, it fell to $16 just six hours later. “I’m tired of these ridiculous short ladder attacks. My year-to-date performance is -84% because of all this manipulation. I wait for stocks to go up so I know that they’re safe to buy, and as soon as I do they fall. I’m going back to sports betting.”