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Man Who Googled Ivermectin Receives Enraging Amount of Targeted Ads for Other Horse Products

Mississippi man Dave Bodford first looked into Ivermectin over the weekend, after developing mild flu symptoms. At 52 years old he had decided not to get the vaccine, unsure of whether or not he could trust it, but he knew that a respiratory illness could be serious, because of his asthma, weight, lifetime of smoking, and his family’s history of heart conditions. In the days that followed his Google search though, Bodford had encountered a new issue, an overwhelming influx of horse product ads.

“I’m not a goddamn cowboy!” he tweeted. “I don’t own no horse, never have owned a horse, and now I’m getting ads for Mane n’ Tail shampoo!”

“I’d actually recommend using that shampoo over Ivermectin,” Dr. Adam Shetfield, an Immunologist, responded. “Mane n’ Tail has been popular in the black community for a while because of its effectiveness at cleaning coarse hair. It’s a reasonable alternative, unlike Ivermectin which is only really used on humans in small doses to treat parasitic worms.”

As Bodford’s symptoms worsened, so did his targeted ads. “I don’t need hoof hardening cream, I need medicine!” he wrote, sharing screenshots of Coat Cream, Equestrian Vitamins, and various grooming products.

By Tuesday, Bodford’s tweets had changed. “Things are looking up!” he wrote, “took my first dose of Ivermectin and I’m hopeful for the first time in a while. Only problem is my heart feels a little stressed, but that’s probably just a side effect of the annoying ads I’ve been getting.”
Dr. Shetfield was quick to mention that Ivermectin had been known to interfere with blood thinners.

Bodford’s Twitter went silent soon after, and Hard Money has been unable to reach him for comment.