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Man Who Shorted Oil at 0 Says It’s Time to Go Long

Joshua Stone, a part-time futures trader from Chicago, is finally warming up to oil. “Yeah, it turns out I shorted the bottom of oil back in April, 2020, but who would’ve thought buying oil was a good idea back then? No one was traveling and electric vehicles were taking over. Oil was so dead. I can’t believe it recovered. I lost a lot of money back then, but I have learned a ton.”

When asked why he now wants to go long, Josh’s answer was simple. “Look, some of you are probably saying ‘Josh, you should have bought oil when it was at $0!’ but it’s not that simple. I wanted to wait for oil to break its 2018 highs before buying it. Now that oil is at its highest point in three years, I know it is a safe investment. America is back, baby! Oil is going to the moon, and nothing can stop it.”

We asked Josh if he was concerned that the new delta variant of COVID could hurt travel demand and oil prices. He gave us a confused look and stated that he’s not worried about Delta. He usually flies American Airlines.