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Man YOLOs Life Savings Into Pre-Paying Future Taxes

Financial genius Ryan Bevens has made a killing in the markets the last year turning his meager $12,000 savings into over $500,000 through various high risk option strategies.

But his next play may be his brashest one yet as Bevens intends to YOLO his entire net worth into pre-paying future taxes.

“Managing risk is important,” says Bevens from his modest condo in downtown Rochester. “And after watching many movies about the stock market the biggest risk I see is the government throwing you in jail for not paying your taxes. So I’m going all-in on pre-paying future taxes. People don’t realize you even make a little money as they have to pay you interest at least I think that’s the case.”

It’s not clear why he would consider such a strategy as he’s nowhere near the top tax bracket and he’s missing out on the opportunity cost of deploying this capital for more worthwhile investments.

“You can’t put a price on piece of mind. And this guarantees that I will be sleeping like baby for the rest of my life. How much is that worth to you?”