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Mark Cuban: There’s Nothing In Rulebook That Says Dogecoin Dog Can’t Play In NBA

Mark Cuban has come under fire for holding an open tryout for his NBA franchise The Dallas Mavericks exclusively for Shiba Inus. Cuban was very impressed with a four year old pure bred named “Bootsie Wootsie”.

“Bootsie Wootsie is being considered for his mid-range jumper and not because he looks identical to the dogecoin dog.” Cuban stated in a press release.

The billionaire owner recently pushed for his team to be the first in the league to allow dogecoin as payment, making this new venture seem suspect.

Dallas Maverick star center Kristaps Porzingis was quick to defend the decision “Look, I’m 7 feet 3 inches tall. A Shibu Inu could easily dribble the ball around my ankles, or through my legs. We both have equal physical advantages in this sport, so I don’t see why they should be kept out.”

Cuban’s hopes to change the game forever may be stopped dead in its tracks by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

“The very concept of having any animal play in the National Basketball Association is patently absurd. Yes, we don’t have any rules specific to this exact situation.” Reporters pressed Silver on the issue.

“It’s not written out in the rules saying he can’t do this, and I guess that means he can technically do this without penalty before we can do the piles of paperwork necessary to stop it, but come on.”

Bootsie Wootie could not be reached for comment. According to insiders he has been busy with contract negotiations and “being a very good boy”.