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Market Pricing In Every Single Human Owning a 30-Car Autonomous EV Fleet by 2030

Wall Street analysts have released their long-term forecasts for the electric vehicle industry, and the results are shocking. According to data compiled from several research firms, investors are pricing in every single human on Earth owning a fleet of 30 electric vehicles by 2030.

“With current EV prices, we are projecting that every single human on this planet will own about 30 electric cars within nine years,” said Morgan Stanley auto analyst Adam Bonus.

“We are very excited for the future of the industry, and the growth story is clear: load up on EV stocks now before you miss out!”

While it’s unclear what each person will do with their 30 EVs, Bonus suggested that most people will have a “side hustle” taxi business, while others may just use their 30 electric cars for fun.

“Who knows what people will use their cars for?” Bonus asked. “The only thing we really know is that Tesla will have the capacity to produce 2 billion cars per quarter within a few years- and that’s not even factoring in the production facilities they’ll build on Mars!”