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McKinsey Launches New Project To Reform The Hitler Family Name

NEW YORK – McKinsey & Company, a global management company best known for aiding and abetting world destruction, has taken on an ambitious project to bring a shine back to the once good name of the Hitler family. Ever since a member of the Hitler family, Adolph, caused a bit of a stir during parts of the 1930s and 1940s, the Hitler family name has been looked down upon by many.

Adolph Hitler was responsible for killing millions of people and this has subsequently put a black cloud on the Hitler family legacy. McKinsey is looking to change this narrative through the use of billions of Russian and Chinese bots on Facebook and Twitter, along with sending “sorry for your loss” notes to the families of all those affected.

One of 15,000 managing directors at McKinsey said, “We are well positioned to help the Hitler family legacy. We have aligned ourselves for years with horrible actors. We are also horrible people, so we can really understand the wants and needs of our most despicable clients. Take, for example, our work with China over the last 25 years. We had our 2018 global retreat in China at a location that was only four miles away from where a million Uyghurs are imprisoned, just to show the despots of the world we aren’t just talk. We will do anything for money, up to and including promoting genocide.”

He continued, “We have a proven track record of results. We believe our work with the Hitler family can be a springboard into a future lucrative project with the Kim family in North Korea. We think we can really make a star out of Kim Yo Jong. She’s really got the ‘it’ factor.”