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Meet the Teenage Day Trading Phenom Whose Death Will Force Robinhood to Update User Agreement Again

At just 18 years old, Travis Stein is already leaving quite an impression on friends and family with his financial savvy. Next week, he will leave his impression on the pavement below the parking garage he leaps from, and Robinhood’s User Agreement will never be the same.

“I mostly do swing trading, working with retail momentum to generate healthy returns,” explained the informed-sounding teen to his confused grandma on the phone just days before he will lose everything during a moderate stock correction. “Also, I only trade these things called options. They’re like regular stocks but way less boring and you can make serious bank.”

In his first few days, Stein was quick to turn a profit, doubling his saved up Bar Mitzvah money to nearly $20,000. “It’s honestly pretty easy to beat the market,” he explained. “I taught myself how to trade by reading Investopedia and watching TikTok videos.” Stein then rolled his “winnings” into $150 Apple calls that expire in one week, writing “YOLOing for Daddy Cook” on his soon-to-be deleted StockTwits account.

“I’m gonna buy a Tesla I think, just not sure which color yet,” Stein will tell his friend mere hours before he desperately sells, then rebuys, then resells, then rebuys his nearly worthless calls, ripping out chunks of his hair and sprawling a barely legible note that says “Robinhood made me do it.”

At press time, Robinhood executives were seen frantically calling the best lawyers and public relations groups in Silicon Valley, while Reddit users on WallStreetBets were posting memes comparing Stein to the last kid who did this.