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Millennial Money: This 32-Year Old Finally Bought a House By Changing His Definition of the Word “House”

Have you ever wanted to own a home?

For millennials, that notion can often seem like an impossible dream.

But for 32-year old Tyler Parsons, owning a home is now a reality. All he had to do was change his definition of the word “house”.

Tyler, a marketing associate at an early-stage tech company, lives in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington. After taking on $67,000 in student loans, $22,000 in credit card debt, and spending a small fortune on marijuana in his 20’s, owning a home seemed impossible.

“All I had to do was stop thinking of a house as a place with a door, walls, bathroom, and small backyard,” Tyler told us. “Instead, I simplified.”

Tyler explains that a house doesn’t really need plumbing or electricity.

“Many of the concepts of houses that we accept as facts were only invented 100 years ago,” Tyler explained.
He also told us that instead of defining neighbors as families and people with actual jobs, he realized that neighbors can also be transients, rats, and storage sheds full of asbestos-filled drywall.

“Really a house can be whatever you’d like it to be,” Tyler said before railroad security approached us and cut the interview short.