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Modern Day “Mad Men” Reboot To Follow High Stakes World Of SEO Marketing

Matthew Weiner’s third cousin twice-removed I.C. (Isaac-Cornelius) has come forward with an announcement that is sure to delight (or profoundly disappoint) fans of his seminal prestige TV series “Mad Men”.

Without any authorization from his third cousin, nor AMC Networks and Lionsgate Television, I.C. Weiner has announced a straight-to-YouTube “Mad Men” sequel series called “Understanding & Emotionally Mature Men”. Opening with a title sequence montage of the character’s memes about how much they’d want to fall out of windows, the series follows the Zoom Call ongoings of Sterling Cooper Draper Price in 2021, now a fully remote, fully online SEO/SEM ad agency.

“I felt that this setting was really prescient to the trying times of this moment,” I.C. Weiner elaborated, unaware that he’s far from the only aspiring screenwriter who’s tried to financially exploit the mass suffering and death of the last year and a half.

The series follows Don Draper’s Soundcloud-rapping Gen-Z grandson Dickie Draper, as he struggles to keep his family’s company afloat through the Digital Age and pitch their clients’ products across the worldwide web.

“Imagine, if you will, a Delta variant that healed,” Dickie lipsyncs in a sponsored TikTok promoting a line of Delta-8 THC suppositories, “and a Delta variant that healed through your ass.”

Every episode, the characters exchange Zoom barbs in their pitch video chat, copiously vaping and chugging hard seltzers from their home offices. Although they’ve evolved past the racist, misogynist, and abusive tendencies of their forebears, the ensemble cast still contends with plenty of harrowing, hot-button moral quandaries from episode to episode.

“Should they write more SEO blogs to sell the best dog designer bed brands in Manhattan, or the best designer dog toy brands in Manhattan? Should they focus their keywords on designer dog beds in Manhattan, or ones in New York? Was that one meme too NSFW for the company Slack? How big should the corporate polycule really be? I haven’t actually watched a single episode of my third cousin’s show, but these are the challenging, morally ambiguous questions I’m sure Mad Men fans would love to have tackled by a modern reboot.”

The pilot for “Understanding & Emotionally Mature Men” has already garnered an impressive 5 likes, including one from the creator’s own mother. I.C. Wiener is set to release more episodes of the unofficial, unauthorized spin-off series as soon as he can think of a better SEO-optimized title for it.