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Mom Not Appreciating Mother’s Day NFT

CHESTER, Conn. — Barbera Stevens, a mother of three, was gifted NFT’s of flowers and jewelry for this past Mother’s Day and for some undisclosed insane reason is not excited about them, sources indicate.

“I spent like 2 month’s salary equivalent worth of BitCoin buying those things and she just responded ‘What is this?’ as if I didn’t just get her an incredible gift,” stated son Lawrence Stevens. “These are better than actual flowers and jewelry, instead of dressing up a room, smelling nice, or being a wearable, tangible item or whatever, it’s a grainy picture on your phone… way better!”

Barbera, unfamiliar with the new medium, was mostly confused by the present.

“I thought it was a picture of what they were buying me, but the picture was the gift?” she said, disappointedly nursing her rosé. “I learned Google the other day, I could have just downloaded those pictures myself.”

She was also slightly peeved upon seeing the cost, as she financially supports Lawrence anyway.

“I pay his credit card, so it’s really more like I bought myself an NFT,” she continued. “Why do I have a charge this month for $9,000. Why did he spend so much on a screenshot of flowers and a screenshot of a necklace that isn’t even real diamonds… he could’ve at least gotten a picture of real diamonds, right?”

On June 1st Barbera plans to return the sentiment by sending Lawrence a picture of $3,000 instead of paying his rent that month.