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“Money Isn’t Everything” 10 Affirmations to Use this Month in Finance

It’s been quite a September for the stock market. After all major North American indexes hit new highs in the months following the March pandemic crash, the wall of worry for investors is looming higher and higher, with a long soggy period seeming ever more likely. With this in mind, Hard Money is here to help, with 10 useful affirmations to get you through this period!

1) “Money isn’t everything”

Sure, a wide range of importers are having problems ordering new stock and facing high shipping prices, and this could likely lead to inflation. However, just because you don’t have lots of money in your portfolio, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! You can take a break from finance, cancel your vacation, and enjoy some local attractions in your community (as long as they’re cheap.) Did you know the community centre down the street has a monthly mime show that only charges a donation at the door?

2) “The best things in life are free”

When a movie or TV show wants to signify a peaceful, happy state, they usually show an image of a blue sky with a few clouds billowing past, and guess what, you can enjoy the sky for a zero dollar a month subscription!

3) “I want someone who loves me for me”

If your partner leaves you because you can no longer take them on expensive trips, are they really right for you? Love shouldn’t depend on fancy restaurants, jewelry, and a flight to Dubai. If your significant other leaves you after your losses, just remember, you’ll find someone who loves you for you. They’ll just be older, less attractive, and come with more baggage.

4) “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

We’re not really sure how this applies to finance but hey, we’re not Nietzsche!

5) “At least you have your smile”

Hopefully this isn’t triggering if you lost money on your SmileDirectClub shares

6) “I love myself”

This one might be a little tough, but give it a shot. When you look at yourself in the mirror, avoid thinking about how the person looking back at you is responsible for not selling your shares before the market crashed. Think of the good things about yourself, like your talent for whistling!

7) “Money isn’t everything, seriously”

Just to drive it home

8) “If you love something, let it go”

Not exactly an affirmation by definition, but pretty applicable here.

9) “I see the beauty in everything”

Beyond what any single individual has seen or has the power to see, lies a myriad of things, the fruit of the universe’s wonderful and multitudinous manifestation. Treasures of beauty fill the depths of the sea, and there are unvisited nooks and corners of the earth thronged with lovely forms. Not only in the broad effects, but in the minute detail of nature there is to be found beauty. Just not in your portfolio.

10) “I am not alone”

If it makes you feel better, we’re down too.