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“Multiples Don’t Matter,” Says Trader Who Doesn’t Know What Multiples Are

Tom Dunleavy has been cutting his teeth in the markets for the past 18 months after he decided to take up investing as a way to secure his future. He prefers growth stocks as value investing ‘is for chumps’ and he insists that multiples don’t matter even though it’s obvious he doesn’t know what those are.

“Picking stocks is easy,” says a confident Dunleavy. “I see people talking about P/E ratios or price-to-sales ratios and I’m like what is that and why should I care? I like to buy cheap stocks like ones that are under $10. Stocks like Amazon and Tesla are clearly expensive just look at those price tags. Don’t even get me started on that Berkshire Hathaway company. Most over-valued stock in existence.”

While many stocks with high price tags have continued to move higher as this is generally a sign of strength and low priced stocks the opposite, Dunleavy is unphased. His account is down pretty sharply since he started which he blames primarily on market inefficiencies and general unfounded conspiracy theories that can easily be debunked. Regardless he’s adamant he will be sticking to his system.

“A stock that is $5 has only way to go and that’s up. Sometimes it takes longer than other times but I’m confident if I just keep loading up at these rock bottom prices I’ll be retired in no time.”