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Netflix Wants to Know If You Are Still Watching Disastrous Share Price After Earnings Report

Netflix shareholders all over the world have been presented with a unique prompt in their trading accounts over the last few sessions with a message popping up asking if they are still watching the share price after Netflix reported disappointing earning last week.

“I really haven’t ever seen anything like it but every time I go to check the price of my call options I keep getting this notification,” said Robinhood user Terry Gable. “Their earnings were great so I’m not sure why the stock is down over 7% but this message doesn’t make me feel any better that’s for sure.”

In a first of it’s kind, Netflix licensed out their iconic “Are you still watching” notification to trading platforms all over the globe.

“The worst part is they ask me if I’m still watching the stock go down but they know I am. Really adding insult to injury.”

At the time of this writing Gable was deciding whether to double down or just go to his local casino instead.