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NFT Films Released On Tangible Disc Format Inside Collectible Protective Cases

Just when investors were starting to wrap their heads around digital ownership, a Japanese startup called YNOS is introducing Deevees, a revolutionary new way to collect your favorite media.

“Imagine being able to hold your favorite NFTs in the palm of your hand,” James Russell, an American inventor, explained to Hard Money. “The innovation coming out of Japan right now could change the game. This is a versatile disc that would allow you to keep your favorite digital media right on the shelf where you used to put your older formats like Blu Rays.”

Having a disc lying around might seem like an easy way to get it scratched, but it would appear that the people at YNOS have anticipated that problem by creating a hard plastic case that both protects the disc and allows for easy storage. Grimes, one of the company’s celebrity spokespeople, wrote on her blog, “my next music video will be coming out on Deevee, a cutting edge piece of technology. I’ve always been fascinated by combining technology and art, so I’ve made a custom painting to go on the hard plastic case. I’ll also be auctioning off a multi dimensional, tactile version on a sheet of canvas.”

YNOS seems extremely optimistic about the future of Deevees. In a blog post, they discussed the possibility of mainstream films and TV shows being released on the new format, as well as expanding beyond individual copies, in order to allow more of the public to get their hands on them. “Or maybe there’s some middle ground,” CEO Harold Tanaka added. “If people can’t afford to own Deevees, it might be possible for customers to pay a small amount to take them home for a limited time. That’s something for the future though; we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves.”