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Nikola Loses Electric Garbage Truck Contract After Dramatically Lit Conversation In Back of Italian Diner With Man Smoking Cigar

Newark, NJ — Trevor Milton, the much maligned CEO of Nikola Motors is back in the news after his company lost a major garbage truck contract last week. For Milton, best known for pushing a truck down a hill to fool investors and getting found out, this was another large setback.

The loss of the garbage truck deal came at a time when Nikola could least afford to lose such a lucrative contract. Milton was seen walking into the ‘Forget About It Supper Club’ and the proceeding to plead with the head of a local private sanitation company Fred D’Angelo. While it was unclear exactly what was said Milton mostly did the listening.

There are reports that Milton made several offers to save the deal but none were acceptable to D’Angelo or his family which was regularly referenced in their conversation. Milton left approximately 30 minutes after he arrived and looked concerned and very pale when spotted leaving the trendy restaurant.

We reached Milton for comment and much to our surprise he obliged our request. “Look I’m not a rat, okay? I want to make that very clear. But we make the finest hydrogen garbage trucks on earth and it if means giving D’Angelo a taste of the construction contracts when we build our next factory that is something I would definitely do. These guys in the sanitation industry are tough cookies,” said a nervous Milton.

If the ‘Forget About It Supper Club’ sounds familiar it’s because it was the scene of a brazen day-time shooting only 14 months ago. There were no casualties and was likely the work of a rival sanitation company.