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Once In A Generation Trading Genius Bought Tesla Then Fell Into Coma

Evanston, IL — Cheryl Kohn on the surface is a pretty unassuming person. Currently retired and living a life of luxury, most people would never know that she is one of the greatest investors of all time.

Cheryl was dabbling in day trading in June of 2010 when she read about this small upstart company called Tesla Motors. A new car company was an absolutely absurd notion but many were trading this new IPO and Cheryl decided to take a shot. She bought 1000 shares at $21 and watched as it climbed to $22.5 by mid afternoon for a tidy profit.

Contemplating whether or not to cash out, Cheryl went for a walk outside but little did she know her life would change forever as a drunk driver hopped the curb hitting her and almost ending her life. After numerous surgeries she was put into an induced coma for what would turn out to be 125 months.

“People often ask me what my greatest trade ever is and there’s no question it’s buying Tesla and then immediately getting hit by car,” said a thoughtful Kohn from her sprawling compound. “I was able to take a $21000 investment and turn it into almost $4 million in 10 short years. And best part is I didn’t even notice where the time went.”

Asked for what her prediction for the next decade might be Kohn had this to say. “I’m thinking of something involving artificial intelligence and then going for a drive on a really icy road. I’m confident that should be good for another 100 bagger.”