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One Big Reason Jeff Bezos Supports Corporate Tax Hike Amazon Won’t Pay

Jeff Bezos announced last week that he is in favor of Joe Biden’s proposed tax increase for corporations. There’s one big reason Bezos favors the tax hike: Amazon won’t pay it.

“I am in strong support of our stupid competitors paying this tax,” Bezos said in a statement. “Amazon knows how to end up with zero taxable income each year, so I would even support a 99% corporate tax rate.”

Analysts actually suggest that an increase in the corporate tax rate in a tax break for Amazon, as the company will receive tax money collected by governments in the form of incentives to build more warehouses and bring jobs to certain areas.

According to sources, Bezos was last seen scurrying into the White House to beg President Biden to hike the corporate tax rate even higher, even offering to “kick in” $50 to the government’s coffers if that “helped to sweeten the deal.”