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One Simple Trick to Recovering Market Losses Just Prostitution

If you have been browsing financial sites for any period of time you are all too familiar with the non-stop click bait type ads. The trader that bought Amazon at $3, Warren Buffet’s top investment secrets and most recently I came across one titled ‘One Simple Trick to Recovering Market Losses’.

Seeing as how I’ve lost almost all of my money and would love to recover some of my losses I went ahead and clicked the link. And boy was I surprised. Yes it was simple. But I didn’t realize they meant that kind of trick. Because the article just wants me to prostitute myself until I recover my SPAC losses.

I’ve never considered that an option but this article lays out how easy it really is to make some money selling my body to men and women locally and sometimes online. I’ve never been much of a looker and am a bit out of shape to be honest but I figured, ‘Hey, why not?’ and put a few classified ads and I’m happy to report that I’ve made back almost all of my losses to date.

So if you’re in the hole from some bad trades I can confirm this one simple trick really works.