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Online Poker Player Turned Day Trader Has 20 Robinhood Windows Open at Once

Ernie Vincent has been grinding it out playing online poker for the past 7 years with minimal success. So when Covid hit and day-trading became America’s newest past-time, he decided to give it a try.

“I’ve been playing $.10/$.20 No Limit hold’em online for a while now and figured day-trading would be a natural pivot. I’d play 15-20 tables at once and while I found it a much easier way to lose money faster, the action you could get was unrivaled.” said Vincent from his mother’s basement where he temporarily/permanently resides.

“Day-trading is a lot like poker. There’s odds, numbers, flashing lights, colors. Really everything you’d want if you’re a low-key gambling addict. Plus there’s less chance involved so in a strange way it feels better losing money in the stock market. But instead of blaming losses on bad beats now I just blame the shadowy cabal that runs the stock market and keeps me poor in a coordinated effort.”

One thing that Vincent has transferred over from poker to stocks is he regularly has upwards of 20 windows open simultaneously to have all the data and market information at this fingertips.

“To be honest I’m not totally sure what to do with all this info but once I figure it out I’ll be on the path to profitability. Plus I just love all the colors. Well the green ones anyway.”

As of this writing Vincent was heard speaking to Robinhood customer support begging for more leverage.