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OPINION: Gold Is Better Than Cash Because It Doesn’t Inflate and It Can Smash Vending Machine Glass

Any reasonable investor should agree with me. Gold is a far better investment than cash. It’s a total money-saver: it’s resistant to inflation, it has inherent value, and it can smash through any vending machine glass.

Obviously, this has been known for years. There’s a reason the dollar was on the gold standard until the ‘70s; it is truly a global currency. Go to any country and you’ll be able to get any food with just a little bit of gold, just make sure you throw it hard enough.

The versatility of the precious metal is often understated. People say it’s too heavy to be practical. Idiots. It’s practical because it’s heavy. The 7/11 cashier wouldn’t give me a free slushie if I were threatening him with a sock full of dollar bills. A sock full of gold on the other hand…

So next time you’re looking for a wise investment. Consider gold. The metal that can make teeth and break them. The most useful and versatile currency/projectile in today’s market.