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Opinion: We Need Student Loan Forgiveness But For My Losses Daytrading Bitcoin

The cost of college is too high and student loans are outrageous!

Also the cost of learning that day-trading crypto currency is a bad idea is too high, and the Coinbase commission fees are outrageous!

OK, let me get this straight: You need college to get a job to get more money, so they exploit teenagers by selling them insane student loans with the promise that it’s an investment in your future… and now the government is talking about helping pay down the massive debt from those scam-adjacent loans?

Well, counterpoint: You need the value of your portfolio to go up to get more money, so they exploit dumb day-traders by selling us insane fake digital currency with the promise that it’s an investment in some future dystopian cash-replacement… but the government is refusing to pay down the massive debt from this scam-adjacent fake money?

I call BS!

It’s time Uncle Joe steps in and hands over $50,000 of day-trading forgiveness!

Oh, you think because I made the decision to day-trade Bitcoin I need to take responsibility for it?

Let me ask you this: If someone spent all their money on essential oils and healing crystals, should they be held accountable?

Because I did that too.

Put it this way: what if your house burned down, then mine was on fire. Because help didn’t arrive in time for you, should I not receive help when I try to flip the remains of your burned down house thinking it will magically become a lucrative investment over night?

If we’re going to help people pay down their debts from community college, the government should help pay down my debt from hard knocks college. I got my education on the street, and now I’ve learned not to day trade Bitcoin, so if we can just forgive my debts, reset me back to zero, I’ll be able to move on from this mistake and go back to shorting Tesla.